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Oswald the Runemaker's guide to the Ancient Runes

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This website is all about the ancient runes. We are talking real runes and real magic here, not fantasy from Harry Potter or any other works of fiction. Don't get me wrong, I love the Harry Potter books and films and J K Rowling has all her facts right about the Ancient Runes, but they ARE stories. And just in case you're wondering, I don't know any runic spells for turning people's ears into kumquats. Only one Quibbler reporter knows the answer to that one. But does she?

The runes of the Elder and Anglo-Saxon futharks

bindrune AABB in Anglo-Saxon runesThe Runemaker's Ancient Runes website features rune history, interpretations and associations for all the runes used in the modern rune set, and fine handcrafted rune wares that were once made and sold on-line and in in specialist shops. Sadly they are no longer in production, but you will see some fascinating pictures of the products.

You can read the history of the Anglo-Saxon rune set (the Futhark or Futhorc) from early Norse origins, through the migration to Britain in the Dark Ages when occult practices were at their peak, to mediaeval and modern use in communication, magic and divination. You can learn the rune meanings, discover the crystals, herbs, flowers, trees and elements associated with each rune. You can find out about bindrune amulets, runic talismans, divining with casting runes, and dowsing with a runic pendulum.

Traditional Shieldknot designSo, welcome to the world of the Ancient Runes. Enjoy your visit. Learn something of the history and culture of the Anglo-Saxons. Wonder at the magic power of the ancients.

I am Oswald the Runemaker. Click here to email me.

Enter the website now to find out all about runes, using runes for divination and magic, rune making, rune amulets and charms, bindrunes, and other fine handcrafted rune wares that were made by Oswald the Runemaker.

The runes of the Elder and Anglo-Saxon futharks

Runes have been used in Britain since the Dark Ages. When the Romans abandoned Britain around 450AD, waves of immigrants from Europe came and settled in this green and pleasant land. The Angles and Saxons from Germany,  the Jutes and Norsemen (or Vikings) from Scandinavia, and then the Friesians from Holland. 

Bindrune AJR in Anglo-Saxon RunesKnotwork design from the Book of KellsThey brought with them their set of ancient symbols known as the Runes. Originally there were 24 Runes and they are collectively known as "the Futhark".

People used them in several different ways: 

As an Oracle for use in divination (fortune-telling)
As amulets and charms
For rituals, magic and spells
For writing messages, inscriptions and epitaphs

The runes of the Elder and Anglo-Saxon futharks

You can learn all about runes right here on Oswald the Runemaker's Ancient Runes website.

Enjoy your visit! 

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